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  At Starpromo we offer all of the services you could possibly need when it comes to your YouTube channel. We can offer you all the likes, subscribers, comments, shares, watch time and views that you possibly want. If you really want to make sure that your YouTube channel is getting all of the attention that it deserves you may want to look into customizing a plan that uses several different services to get you what you deserve. At we can help you with that process too.


The most important role of the views is that will lead to a better rank on the search engines like Google or on Youtube when somebody will access the search bar your video will have more chances to be found.The more views you will have, more subscribers will follow your channel.


Subscribers will show how successful your YouTube channel is, shows the value of your content, shows your audience. Having more Subscribers means more views, more likes and of course more revenue. Having more subscribers means that you will reach more audience , your content from your channel will be suggest by Youtube to other users and you will gain more subscribers.


The number of likes will show the quality of your content, will leave a better impression and the more like you have, more Youtube users will be more confident to share your content. And not only, when it comes to ranking, Youtube use the number of likes as an indicator which will place your content in front of the competitors. 

Real Comments

The number of comments is very important because have a big influience on your Youtube ranking and will increase your chances of getting more engagement on your channel. Comments means interaction and providing interaction is useful for your channel popularity.

More info about our YouTube Watch Hours

        In principle the Watch Time is considered the most important factor on YouTube and represents the number of minutes and hours your content is watched by YouTube users since it was published. The content from your channel is very important because this will establish how much a person will watch a video and also creating a long video will help you to get more Watch Time. So the more Watch Time you will obtain from your videos, the more YouTube is going to reward you, will put your content higher in search results and recommendations. If you want to become a Youtuber and get paid on Youtube, you have to fulfill the monetization golden rule at which one of the important factors are 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. 

Reaching a big number of watch hours will increase the posibility that Youtube will suggest your video to more poeple, and may even show on Google Search Result Pages. Obtaining a higher ranking on Youtube and Google Search Result pages, Youtube will clasify your video as a high-quality content and your video will reach more audiences and get more organic Youtube views, subscribers, shares, comments and Youtube likes. As a result you will obtain both the watch hours and subscribers in the same time. Keep in mind that the best way to improve the watch time is to improve the content, upload videos that presents interest to people, and it will automatically boost your ratings.


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Our website delivers the following Youtube services: views, subscribers, watch time, likes, comments and shares

Mobile First Design

With our new platform, we ensure a great browsing experience for all users with focused efforts on mobile and desktop.

Accurate Targeting

We know the potential for mobile marketing success that's why our mobile campaigns are based accurate targeting.

SMS Campaings

We use a cross-channel approach that integrates various mobile channels including SMS mobile marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is YouTube Video Watch Hours?

YouTube Video watch time or watch hours and known also as audience retention in Youtube analytics, reflects the total amount of hours that viewers spend watching your videos. If more people spend more time watching your videos, you will be noticed by Youtube, therefore your videos will be promoted. The watch hours is one of the most important factors which will help you to reach the monetization. So if you want to become a Youtuber and make money, a faster way to monetize your channel is to buy Youtube watch hours and we are here to support you.

Can I Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

Yes you can buy YouTube watch hours to help your monetizing process.When it comes to buy Youtube watch hours Starpromo is the perfect social media promotion tool for you. If you want to get paid fast by Youtube this is the best way to do it. The more watch hours you buy, the faster your channel can achieve the monetization criteria. At the end you can consider this an investment because you can recover your money when the monetizing process starts.

Why Should I Buy YouTube Watch Hours ?

If you want to monetize your channel, you need to make sure that you fulfill one of the main criteria for monetizing, which is you need to have 4000 watch hours. If you buy YouTube watch Hours everything will be more easyier for you, you will not have to wait several months to become eligible for YouTube monetization, you will speed up the process of monetization , it will boost your watch hour and you will get a higher ranking on YouTube, your video will be suggested by Youtube and in turn this will lead to more subscribers, views, and likes. 

I will get banned if I buy Youtube Watch Hours?

Definitely not! No channels from our clients were suspended after they purchased watch hours from Starpromo. You do not have to worry, it is 100% risk free, our service is secure for your channel. We inform you that millions of people are using social media marketing websites to buy Youtube Watch hours and also other services to promote their channels.

Is Starpromo selling real Youtube Watch Hours?

Starpromo ensure legit traffic only, which means that we deliver real YouTube watch hours for your videos with real and active people. We do not sell traffic from bots because is not legit and violate Youtube's Terms of Use and also can harm your channel.

Starpromo sell cheap Youtube Watch Hours?

The price of our YouTube video watch hours is cheaper in comparison to most of the competitors, especially when we take in consideration the quality of the services that we deliver. 

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