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         At Starpromo we offer all of the services you could possibly need when it comes to your Instagram page. We can offer you all the likes, followers, comments and views that you possibly want. If you really want to make sure that your Instagram account is getting all of the attention that it deserves you may want to look into customizing a plan that uses several different services to get you what you deserve. At we can help you with that process too.


When you buy Instagram followers is not just about the numbers or popularity, it’s also about what happens after you buy them. If you already have a lot of followers, people are more likely to take your posts seriously, your chances to receive more likes and comments to your posts will increase.

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The number of Instagram comments will make your posts look more interesting to people , will improve your online credibility , will have a big inpact on your followers and popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it safe to Buy Instagram followers ?

If you take the right decision to buy Instagram followers from legitimate companies, your account will not get banned.  Starpromo does not break Instagrams terms, we wont use bots or fake accounts to boost your Instagram followers. Strapromo uses only real accounts to give you new followers, which means that you can buy instagram followers from Starpromo with 100% security. It is important for us to ensure the delivery of Instagram followers using unique accounts which do not put your account at risk the way that bot accounts do. Our rule is to increase your followers number without risking your Instagram account.

Why should I Buy Instagram Followers?

When you are new on Instagram it is very challenging and takes a lot of effort to build an account and gather a considerable number of followers. As an example if you are trying to promote a brand or you are an artist and you are looking to promote your work an increased number of followers can bring you a lot of benefits. This is where Starpromo can help you. Buying cheap Instagram followers from Starpromo will boost your account, will help you win some time and remove the frustration. The more followers you have, the more influence you will have on social media, and with the influence comes also the benefits. A bigger number of followers leads to increased numbers of likes, increased targeted traffic and more followers.

Why choose Starpromo?

Because we are one of the cheapest companies from the market, and with us you will have faster results than the competition, you will see progress within minutes. Starpromo is a customer focused company for which the number one rule is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver the best services in a professional way. No matter which service you purchase we are working to deliver you the best high quality services from the market, providing you with an experienced customer support.  If you’re worried that something can go wrong, our customer support is available 24/7 to help you and resolve the issues.

Do you sell real Instagram Followers?

Starpromo provides only authentic, active Instagram users to avoid putting your account at risk of getting banned. What this means is that every follower added to your profile is sourced via an active account with a real human owner, ensuring an organic and legit delivery. You also never have to provide us with your password, unlike some of the competitors. For the safety of your account and your reputation as a publisher, it’s essential to stick exclusively with real Instagram Followers from active and authentic accounts.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Order?

Unlike other companies which deliver the services in hours or days, our system is designed to work for you, with a delivery time of minutes. Simply order the desired service and make sure that your page is published, and we can do the rest. After the quality of the service for us the delivery time is one of the main ingredients used for a successful business.

How much does it cost?

This is one of the most asked questions. Of course the prices vary depending on the service you request, and how many followers, likes, or views you want. That being said, buying from Starpromo is cheap and affordable for every budget. As an example once you reach a high number of followers and interactions on your Instagram account, your revenue will increase and you will recover your investments. Remember that your Instagram account is a business, and you should always treat it this way.


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